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We specialize in finding precious custom stones. To order a similar stone, click on the stone and submit a search request.
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Worldwide shipping
Regardless of where you live, your product will reach every corner of the world, as we offer worldwide shipping. We use FedEx, DHL, UPS & others service to safely ship our gemstones.
Gems cutting
The GemsHero offers high-quality custom gems cutting. Stones that we can cut for you: Spinels, Tourmaline, Tanzanite, Zircone, Tourmaline Paraiba. Especially approach if you want to collect a couple of stones for a set.
Original photo&video
We send our clients all photos and videos on request in sunlight, artificial lighting, and what a stone looks like on a hand. All our photo&video original - made by gemologist Gems.Hero.
All our stones are certificated
In addition to rare stones, you can order:
Investment gems
For those who love rare gems have a good history of increasing in value over time. When the stock market is declining and the currency is losing value, gemstones tend to be a reliable store of value.
Calibrated stones for jewelry
Buy calibrated stones now and get started making your idea a reality. High-quality transparent rubies, emeralds, sapphires at an adequate cost.
Machine-cut Melee
Machine-cut 1-2.5 mm gemstone dusting. Rubies, spinels, sapphires. These small-sized gemstones have been cut with precision to perfection to achieve the highest standards in gem cutting without any compromise.
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Bangkok — the world center for gemstones
We are located in Bangkok, if you've been there, then you probably know that the world's colored gemstone industry revolves around this hub. But the opportunity to make money attracts a large number of scammers to this business and increases the likelihood of buying low-quality stones. Be careful!
Verification — the key
to success
That is why we meticulously check every stone, that we buy for you. We have our own closed database of trusted suppliers. What you may not know is that Bangkok is also home to some of the world's best gemology labs — from Thailand's oldest to newest: AIG, GIA, Lotus, and IGT. As a result, you get stones of the highest quality.
Unique gemstones
All times, rare stones will be a symbol of power, wealth, good luck. The value of colored gemstones of unique characteristics has been always high, and now - finds are too rare, deposits are few, and mining is difficult.

Such gemstones are a piece of wonderful jewelry, a valuable present, a profitable investment.
In many countries, the admission of foreign citizens to the unique field of precious stones prohibited
It is possible to buy stones of high gem quality only thanks to closed relations with suppliers who have access to the deposits. Each stone is thoroughly tested before purchase. If necessary, we do the re-cutting by a highly qualified cutter. Only then is the stone available for sale.
Founder of Gems.Hero Dmitriy Vagner, having arrived in Bangkok, worked for 7 years in a full cycle jewelry production: he was engaged in the design of collections, selection of stones, calculating the cost of jewelry, organizing retail sales, planning, and accounting.
Market knowledge
After that, Dmitry was approached by a large company that produces and sells jewelry throughout the United States. For large-scale purchases of precious stones, Dmitry organized an office in Bangkok. Through this office, the company purchased stones worth about $1,000,000 every month.
Great looking
Every month for two years, the office looked at about 80,000 carats of gems!
After such an experience, invaluable connections and, of course, exclusive prices remain. There is an objective vision and knowledge of the market, which completely changes the view on the quality of stones and their real value.
Price for the rare gemstones
There can't be a price list for rare stones
We have a price list only for ordinary stones. For rare stones, that simply cannot exist. For example, let's take a parameter such as the clarity of a stone. According to the GIA system, all stones are divided into 3 groups. Each group has 5 purity categories. All this affects the cost of the stone. Also, the color and shade greatly affects the value of the stone.

Therefore, each stone is assessed individually.

How it works?
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You are writing to us about what stone you need. Weight, dimensions, shape, and advisable budget, so that we adhere to the necessary framework and understand which category of stone to look for.
Selection options
We select gemstones for you, send a lot of photos and videos, send only the best stones, weeding out low-quality.
Choice of stone
From the gems sent, you choose the one that you like best. We confirm your choice.
Payment and shipping
You pay for the stone and we send it to you.


Can't find a set of gemstones?
We will cut any quantity of stones to order
Often, in order to implement a project, you need to select stones of a certain size. Usually, it is very difficult to choose stones for a set - the color, size, quality. We will be happy to create a set for your unique jewelry that will delight you every day.


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