Investment gemstones

Risk-free long-term investment tool to create a secure future
  • Price increase for the previous 100 years and a reasonable price increase in the future
  • Do not require payment of taxes, special conditions of storage and transportation
  • Reliable long-term investment at any time
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Investment gems

Choose risk-free options
Do you want to save capital and pass it on to your children and grandchildren without loss?
In crisis conditions, it is difficult to find an option that will bring you a stable income. Where to invest if the crisis comes suddenly and there is a risk of losing money as a result of devaluation, economic crisis, bank closure, or company bankruptcy?
You've probably come across cases in which people have irrevocably lost money by investing in dubious instruments. Their children and families were left without a source of livelihood. I had to start all over again.

What to do if, when choosing a capital investment, you do not understand investment instruments, or you do not have enough information about the reliability and guarantees of the offered instruments?
The rise in prices in the long term allows you to preserve your savings
Compactness and portability makes it easy to transport the stone
The ability to create an exclusive collection of jewelry
Lack of speculative players in the gem market
The aesthetic pleasure of collecting stones
Inheritance, the ability to create a family heirloom
Since the end of the last century, the prices of some precious stones have increased up to 67 times
Hardness, luster, and scarcity have made gemstones a cash equivalent for a long time. Now they have become an investment. Inflation, default and bankruptcy of the company are not afraid of precious stones. Gems that only grow in value over time and can fit in the palm of your hand are a great way to invest.

Currently, the most stable long-term investment will be in precious stones.

Take care of your future and the future of your loved ones
If you carefully consider the analytical reports of many investment companies specializing in investing in gemstones, prices for colored gemstones loose in jewelry (rimless) of the best color and high quality for the period 1990-2016 (presented at the largest jewelry exhibitions in Bangkok ( Thailand), Basel (Switzerland), Moscow, Dubai (UAE), Hong Kong) have changed as follows:

Long-term investment in precious stones — a way to get guaranteed capital safe after 5-10 years or more

Why are stones growing steadily in the price?
Unlike diamonds, there are not many colored gemstones mined in the world. Their cost depends on many parameters, and stones with excellent characteristics are rare and valuable on the market. Deposits of precious stones are known all over the world, there are very few of them, they are regulated by the amount of extracted raw materials.

The main advantage of investing in precious stones is the extremely low level of risk.
Today, many countries prohibit the development of deposits for the extraction of precious stones in order to preserve the environment, which means they increase the value of stones.

Stones have been steadily increasing in value every year for many centuries - and due to instability in world markets and sanctions wars between countries, the trend will continue for the next 50 years.
Features of investing in precious stones
Entry threshold from $ 700-1000
You can purchase valuable gemstone for $ 700. Jewelry with such a stone will cost several times more.
Belonging to a certain circle
From ancient times to the present day, precious stones have been identified with wealth, power, and prestige.
Gems are not a speculative instrument
This is a tool that allows you to guaranteed to save money, transfer capital to heirs, and protect the future of your relatives.
We provide international certificates for gemstones
Laboratories you can trust
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How to sell a gemstone?
There are several ways to sell gemstones - auctions, museums, jewelry companies, private collectors.

If you decide to sell a stone but do not know how to do it most profitably, please contact our company - we will buy the stone from you, or we will find a client for your lot.
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